Web design is an ever changing landscape - I'm working to bulid intricate, interesting and appealing websites that are easy to navigate and communicate clearly. These are some examples of my student work in web design. Each of these websites has been built from a blank HTML document using best practices and industry standard methods of constructing mobile first websites using modern and easy to navigate structures while keeping core design principles in mind.


The Olde Iron website is built to show off the character and feel of the physical restaurant. This multi-page website is designed to introduce new customers to the philosophy and style of food and drink served in the restaurant. This site shows off some really unique interactive hover features.


This website is designed to introduce a famous person to those that may have not previously heard of Action Bronson. This simple two page site gives an introduction and a short career summary of Mr. Wonderful himself. It also showcases some of his most prolific albums that are his best works.


Loud is a music and culture publication with print and digital distribution. The Loud website shows off some really neat interactive typography features that are possible with just HTML and CSS. This project incorporates embedded Youtube videos, mock advertisements, and a comment box on the featured article page.